The Gratitude Shop wants to spread the word that achieving happiness and a brighter outlook is as simple as looking around. We aim to spread positivity and good vibes to lift up the energy of those around us by simply wearing a T-shirt.

As a bonus know that your purchase also funds projects for those less fortunate. Sometimes, well often, we take clean water, education and food on our tables for granted ... probably even the table itself. As such a portion of your purchase is spread amongst the people and organisations making a difference in the world.

As we find eco-friendly products they too will not only help fund these projects but also show we are grateful for this planet. The products are long lasting and made from sustainable materials leaving you to enjoy them knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint.

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Charity pARTNERS

Hope in Amasiko = Hope in Uganda

People are at the heart of every Amasiko Partnership project. It is our vision that by the end of 2023, the villagers of Kasenda, a regional and remote community in Western Uganda, will have improved living conditions, access to education and opportunities to enable them to be proudly self-sufficient: socially, culturally, and economically.